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Honey bee at work on eucalypt flowers.

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 and welcome to the home of Ridgiedidge Honey, organically produced by contented free range country bees from the finest non-genetically modified natural ingredients.
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Honey Bee at Work on Eucalypt Flowers

Ridgiedidge Award Winning Honey
Ridgiedidge Apiary Honey gained 1st place at the 2008 Royal Canberra Show.Ridgiedidge Apiary Honey gained 1st place at the 2008 Royal Canberra Show.
Champion Exhibitor
Royal Canberra Show

Busy as a bee... thousands of bees cluster on the front of the hive.

Busy as a Bee

Cold Extracted - Triple Filtered
Award winning Ridgiedidge Honey is cold extracted and triple filtered to ensure we produce honey of the highest quality first time, every time.

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